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‘Drink Now’ Rating System

Base: 50

Appearance: 3

Nose: 15

Palate: 15

Suitable for drink (balance, complexity, concentration, degree of pleasure): 10

Length: 5

Soul in wine: 1

Organic/Bio-dynamic: 1

Total: 100

Explanation: This is a global based system. This scoring system is highly based on the current performance and value of wines, rather than their aging potential. In concession, the complexity and concentration are generally important points in judging the quality of wines, whereas it is not said all very complex and intense wines are equal to the greatest ones. On the other hand, please do not ignore the one point of ‘soul in wine’, in some cases, this may distinguish some great wines from the real masterpieces. The organic or bio-dynamic farming is the mainstream of the global wine industry. The one score is only for those true organic/bio-dynamic producers, regardless of the certifications.

Good 80-86

Description: It’s not a part of the formal rating system. Thus, the Chinese tasting notes are not provided.

Excellent 87-88

Description: Unquestionably, it looks less exciting than others in the system. However, it is necessary to notice that those nice table wines are good for daily drinking or food/wine matching: simply, drinkable and easy-going with foods. P.S. This is not excluding for some celebrated or even cult wines, which possibly not at their perfection when being tasted.

Distinguished 89

Description: This is for those really controversial ones—even the critics unavoidably make mistakes in some cases. Nevertheless, in most situations, they are a bit far away from those really outstanding wines.

Outstanding 90-92

Description: As the word means literally, definitely the great wines. Although those are not the grand or significant ones, but they are already very enough for fine wine lovers.

Exceptional 93-94

Description: Those extraordinarily dreamy stuffs might sometimes include the true respect to winemakers’ philosophy or the ‘terroir’ of the vineyard sites. They are already the greatest wines, while just a little bit far away from the ‘mountain top’!

Impressive 95-100

Description: In general, they are always those very rare, respectable meanwhile very fine and unforgettable bottles. They are also absolutely the best of the best. All those reviews with 95 plus points (includes 95) are showed in Feng Yun Bang.